Canaan Title Plant - Overview

Canaan Title Plant

Canaan Title Plant is a comprehensive, affordable title plant software that offers an easy-to-understand maintenance module with all the tools to import, index and verify documents, along with a powerful searching module to ensure the researcher can finish the task efficiently.

The software uses the latest technology to bring the user a very modern, state-of-the-art title plant experience.


Maintenance Manager Features
  • The Landing organizes the plant manager's duties from importing, to indexing, to verifying, to reports, to posting.
  • Built-in image import module with various stapling functions.
  • Third-part data/image import/export tool. *
  • Function Keys and QuickLists to help make quick work of indexing.
  • Customizable land screen with a wide variety of field options.
  • Index quarter calls down to 2-1/2 acres.
  • View Document\Index window makes it easy to verify the keying.
  • Key unlimited number of parties, land descriptions, and addresses with a simple key stroke.

* based on Canaan Title Plant neutral format guidelines


Order Manager Features
  • Order-based with automatic date down capabilities.
  • Easy-to-read layout. Select records to glean just the results that apply.
  • Customizable results grid to view the results in just the right way.
  • Built-in PDF writer to print results grid and/or images
  • Six ways to search, including a combined search that is great for creating reports.
  • View Document/Index window makes it easy to view images and all of the indexing.
  • Export results to a spreadsheet to create great reports


Additional Features
  • Utilizes a SQL database
  • Runs on Windows XP to 8.1 and beyond.
  • Users do not require access rights to the database or the image folders on the server.
  • Separate module to access security settings.

















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