2014 Canaan Title Solutions - User Group Survey
  1. What's this meeting about?

  2. 1. It will be a one day meeting from 9 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
    2. We are asking that you and/or your trusty title plant manager attend the meeting to view the demonstration.
    3. The meeting is free of charge and we will provide lunch the day of the meeting.
    4. Your only expense will be typical travel expenses, airfare or mileage, hotel and food, etc.

    Topics to be covered include,

      1. Data conversion/migration from your current title plant to CTPS
      2. Administration
      3. Scanning and importing images
      4. Importing data/images
      5. Indexing and posting
      6. Verification and validation
      7. Order management and searching
      8. Printing/Saving/Emailing, etc.
      9. Reports
    10. Various maintenance utilities
    11. Online capabilities

  3. Please complete your company information

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  1. Why should you attend?

  2. 1. Soon, you will need to replace one the most important pieces of software in your business, your title plant?
    2. Although an online demonstration can be very informative, because of the nature of this setting, this conference's demonstration will be much more complete.
    3. More of your questions, one's you thought of and the one's you didn't, will be answered by having more title plant users and specialist in the same room.
    4. Getting away from the office will allow you to view the demonstration undistracted.
    5. Group discussion may help us discover a deficiency in the software that we can correct before releasing it.
    6. Attending the conference will allow you, and allow us, to renew acquaintances with each other, which always goes along way when supporting and getting supported.

  3. Regardless of the meeting date and your ability to attend, are you interested in attending this meeting?

    Please make a selection
  1. The Choices

  2. Hot Springs, Arkansas. Close to Little Rock and the Little Rock Airport. It's nestled in the Ouachita Mountains and is famous for it’s Baths and Spas. There are five lakes, golf, a water park, a science museum, and a historic downtown.

    Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville). Close to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport. Northwest Arkansas is the fasting growing area in Arkansas. It’s home to several major corporations. You can visit the beautiful Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Museum of Native American History or Compton Gardens. There are several lakes, trails, golf, and a water park.

    Branson, Missouri. Close to the Springfield-Branson airport. Everyone knows Branson, shows, shopping, rides, water parks, etc.

  3. Would you be more or less likely to attend, if the conference was held at the following location (please respond to all three sites)

  4. Hot Springs, Arkansas(*)
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  5. Northwest Arkansas (Bentonville)(*)
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  6. Branson, Missouri(*)
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  1. When would it be held?

  2. We are considering a day in the week of June 16-20, because it's not the first or the last week of the month and it appears only the Minnesota and New England Land Title Shows are that week. Weather should be nice for easy traveling.

  3. Wednesday, June 18 (Travel-Tuesday)(*)
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  4. Thursday, June 19 (Travel-Wednesday)(*)
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  5. Friday, June 20 (Travel-Thrusday)(*)
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